Our lovely client was stuck with how to handle her large two tiered garden. With a mature tree in the centre of the lawn it had become a muddy patch, borders had disappeared and the lower terrace was an unused, disconnected space. She wanted a garden where her kids could play throughout the year and an adult space with an Ibiza summer vibe.

Rather than major clearance to make room for a more traditional design we felt that the beautiful tree should become a focal point of the garden. Who doesn’t want a tire swing?! We widened the steps connecting the two levels to give the garden more flow. A playful gravel path runs the length of the artificial lawn and around the trunk of the tree. Curvy planting borders allow for decent planting areas whilst helping to visually widen a long garden and reflect the shape of the path.

With new raised beds and built in cedar benches the lower terrace becomes a flourishing entertaining space perfect for catching some rays and a glass of wine around the fire pit.

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